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Microchip Technology, Inc.
Address: 21015 SE Stark Street
Gresham, Oregon  97030
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Our Culture

Things are upside-down at Microchip Technology. Actually, it’s the company’s organizational chart that has been turned on its head. Steve Sanghi, CEO, says “I do this to show that I work for our employees.” It is at the employee level where work gets done and decisions are made.

The lower you go, the more you know. That person who is closest to the issue is in the best position to make a decision. While the organizational chart is inverted, the company as a whole has both feet firmly planted on the ground, its head on straight, and has an abundance of opportunities.

This strategy of employee empowerment is one of the unique ways Microchip carries out its business. The company has realized significant success since being spun-off from General Instruments in 1989.

Microchip Technology Incorporated is a leading supplier of field programmable embedded control solutions by manufacturing the popular PICmicro® RISC microcontrollers which serve embedded control applications; a broad spectrum of high-performance linear and mixed-signal, power management and thermal management devices; and related non-volatile memory products. In order to contribute to the ongoing success of customers, shareholders and employees, our mission is to focus resources on high value, high quality products and to continuously improve all aspects of our business, providing an industry leading return on investment.

Customers Are Our Focus: We establish successful customer partnerships by exceeding customer expectations for products, services and attitude. We start by listening to our customers, earning our credibility by producing quality products, delivering comprehensive services and meeting commitments. We believe employees must effectively serve their internal customers in order for Microchip's external customers to be properly served.

Quality Comes First_ We will perform correctly the first time, maintain customer satisfaction and measure our quality against requirements. We practice effective and standardized improvement methods, such as statistical process control to anticipate problems and implement root cause solutions. We believe that when quality comes first, reduced costs follow.

Continuous Improvement is Essential: We utilize the concept of "Vital Few" to establish our priorities. We concentrate our resources on continuously improving Vital Few while empowering each employee to make continuous improvements in their area of responsibility. We strive for constructive and honest self-criticism to identify improvement opportunities.

Employees Are Our Greatest Strength: We design jobs and provide opportunities promoting employee teamwork, productivity, creativity, pride in work, trust, integrity, fairness, involvement, development and empowerment. We base recognition, advancement and compensation on an employee's achievement of excellence in team and individual performance. We provide for employee health and welfare by offering competitive and comprehensive employee benefits.

It’s more than just a great place to work!

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