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Shangri-La Corporation
Address: 4080 Reed Rd. SE #150
Salem, Oregon  97302
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Where does Shangri-La provide services?
Shangri-La currently provides services in over 80 locations, spanning seven Oregon counties including Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Washington, Lincoln, Linn and Lane. Service sites include apartments, family-style homes, small classrooms and community learning centers, small businesses and local partnerships.

How many people does Shangri-La employ?
Approximately 420 people, 120 of whom have developmental disabilities and/or economic disadvantages.

What is the organizational structure?
Shangri-La is an Oregon non-profit overseen by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Day-to-day operations are managed by the CEO and Directors Team, who supervise the managers, facilitators, and program and business support assistants.

Where does Shangri-La's funding come from?
The majority of Shangri-La’s funding is from contracts with various State and County agencies, such as the Oregon Department of Corrections, Chemeketa Community College, and Oregon Department of Human Services. Commercial revenues from the company’s subsidiary businesses, private donations, and grants also support the organization’s mission to provide services to our communities’ most vulnerable citizens.

What is your budget?
For Fiscal Year 2006/2007, Shangri-La’s budget is approximately $15 million, with an economic impact estimated at over $32 million to local communities.

How long has Shangri-La been around?
Shangri-La was founded in 1963, and became an Oregon non-profit corporation in 1964.

Who founded Shangri-La?
A group of families, who wanted an alternative to institutionalization for their children with special needs, founded the company.

What does “Shangri-La” mean?
Shangri-La is the name of a fictional, utopian valley, located deep in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet. A 1939 novel, Lost Horizon, captured the imagination of generations, and immortalized the name. In India, people refer to Shangri-La as a place of sheltered protection. Inhabitants of Shangri-La created an environment where individuals were supported to self-direct their lives, contributing to community according to their personal focus.

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