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Puget Sound Security
Address: PO Box 1892
Bellevue, Washington  98009
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We emphasize Quality
Puget Sound Security (PSS) was founded in 1981 by Jeff Kirby. The company started with one client - Newport Shores - as a residential patrol. (This client is still with us today; now that is real client satisfaction!) The early "inventory" was one vehicle and one owner/driver. Today we are a multimillion dollar divested corporation, owning divisions which have been operating since 1969 and serving customers throughout the state of Washington and accessible to you in strategic branch office locations with over 25 patrol units and 250 security officers. We are truly a full-service security company today, with the expertise to give you the safety and peace of mind you deserve in uniformed security, patrol, or electronic measures.

PSS has recruited exceptional management staff to guide our growth and assure service excellence. Despite this growth we are still very much a local company with local roots and a local reputation to uphold. Regardless of how big we get though, we will never take your business for granted. We realize that we have only two very important resources which we aim to take care of - you, the customer and our employees. PSS is a full service security company.

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