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Pacific Coast Fruit Company
Address: 201 NE 2nd Ave
Portland, Oregon  97232
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Pacific Coast Fruit Company is one of the largest independent wholesale produce distributors on the West Coast. We are privately owned and dedicated to providing our customers with quality, service, and integrity. At Pacific Coast Fruit Company we simply do one thing extremely well; we distribute fresh produce. Which is precisely why so many businesses rely on us for an uninterrupted supply of fresh produce.

Our staff of professional buyers is continuously procuring the finest quality fruits and vegetables grown.Strategic relationships with quality growers and our ability to buy in large volume assure our customers a reliable supply of top quality product at a competitive price.

As industry needs change, Pacific Coast Fruit has always been ready to capitalize on new opportunities. We have a full service processing division providing a full range of value added products to serve your needs. Innovative products to address the changing needs of the marketplace provide opportunities for mutual success. You can count on Pacific Coast Fruit's dynamic team of produce professionals to meet and exceed your expectations.

Pacific Coast Fruit Company opened its doors for business on October 31, 1977 as the smallest wholesale produce distributor in Portland. Immigrant founder Emil Nemarnik and his wife Kathleen mortaged their home and hoped for the best when starting their new company. Emil felt there was room for a produce company founded on fair business principles.

Today Pacific Coast Fruit is one of the largest produce distributors on the West Coast, with over 300 employees in Oregon and Washington. Within three years of opening its doors Pacific Coast Fruit earned the distinction of a national trading member, and currently holds a XXXX Blue Book rating and a **** Red Book rating.

Originally located in a 10,000 square foot building in the heart of Portland's central East Side industrial district, we are now in a modern 87,000 square foot facility just down the street from our original location. Our new building is 100& temperature controlled, and we have an on-site state-of-the-art pre-cut value added processing facility. Our fleet, which started as two small delivery trucks, now has grown to over sixty refrigerated trucks ranging in size from small city trucks to tractor-trailers.

As important as a new building, processing facility, modern fleet of trucks, and information systems are to our history and our growth; our people and leadership based on our founders principles will continue to shape our destiny

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