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PSC Info Group
Address: PO Box 703
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania  19482
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PSC Info Group is a worldwide resource for leading-edge document and information management services and business communications. Formed over twenty years ago, the company combines industry experience with the latest technology to help clients manage their document and information needs. PSC provides innovative outsource solutions for accounts receivable management, credit and collections, healthcare, financial services, communications, insurance and other market sectors. The company’s key competitive advantage is a unique system called DATAExpress™ that enables clients to transmit data files electronically 24 hours a day, seven days a week for cleansing, processing, printing and distribution. As part of that process, critical documents are formatted, printed with variable data and mailed within 24 hours. In addition, PSC provides a broad range of automated document distribution solutions including online document management storage, archival and retrieval, web delivery, email notification and auto-fax.

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