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F.D. Thomas, Inc
Address: 217 Bateman Drive
Central Point, Oregon  97502
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No job is too high, too big or too hard for Ray Kinney and F. D. Thomas.

After 21 years as a project manager for F. D. Thomas, Ray’s used to tough industrial paint projects - like removing lead paint from a 70-year-old bridge over the Eel River in Northern California. In fact, when clients have tough projects, they often ask for Ray by name. “Here’s the spec. Here's the package. I need a price and I need Ray Kinney” are words we hear a lot.

Then again, all our project managers are popular with our clients. When they do a job, they leave a legacy. Like Walt Handloser, who's been with us for over 12 years. He left a legacy in the semiconductor industry from coast-to-coast, and Sacramento's Jeff Jones no sooner finishes a job than he is called back for more of his expertise. Even Jack Jackson has become an icon for F. D. Thomas when it comes to plural component spray work.

With over 200 people in the field, we’re structured to handle tight turnaround times for the most complex projects in all types of industries including pulp/paper, power, semiconductor, chemical processing, public works and pharmaceutical.

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