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Bobs Red Mill Natural Foods
Address: 13521 SE Pheasant Ct
Milwaukie, Oregon  97222
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Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods is a leading manufacturer and distributor of whole grain products. We stone grind all our grains into flours, meals, cereals, and mixes on our over one-hundred-year-old mills. We add to our product line continually, making our product line of natural whole grain foods the most complete in the industry.

We offer a competitive salary, medical, dental, life insurance, a 401k plan with company matching, and profit sharing as well as a pleasant working environment.

Company History:
Bob Moore's secret to life may just be "work hard and keep it simple." Living this philosophy, Bob literally puts his nose to the grindstone every day. Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods is an Oregon-based company that utilizes simple, old-world technology (quartz French buhr millstones, gravity and pressure) to mill hundreds of all-natural whole grain products.

After living his "first" life in California as a manager of an automotive service center and builder of electric motors, Bob was open to his wife, Charlee's, ideas for creating wholesome natural foods. At the time, the Moores were living on a five-acre farm with their three preteen sons growing their food and canning for the winter. Charlee's life-long passion for whole grain foods provided the basis for Bob's interest in milling natural goodness.

One day Bob came across a book that would change his life, John Goffe's Mill by George Woodbury, the story of a young man and the restoration of the family's old stone grinding flour mill. After reading it, Bob knew a milling career was where he wanted to focus his life's activity. A nationwide search ensued for the special quartz stones made from the legendary quarries of France. These venerable slow-turning stone mills supplied the world with whole grain flours for hundreds of years. But only a few of these stones were available, since around 1880 high-speed steel roller mills ushered in a new era of manufacturing the new white flour. That process ended the need for the slow-turning stone mills that had supplied the world with whole grain flours for centuries. He located a set of millstones from an old water-powered flour mill in North Carolina, and soon after, his first mill commenced grinding in Northern California. Many of our most popular mixes today, like the 10-Grain Pancake Mix and the Date Nut Bran Muffin Mix, were created at that time.

After building the Northern California mill into a thriving business, Bob and Charlee sold it to their sons and moved to Portland, Oregon to retire and study at a seminary. Soon after the move, the couple stumbled upon an old vacant flour mill near historic Oregon City, Oregon. Bob's enthusiasm for milling quickly resurfaced. The couple purchased the mill and opened up their one-of-a-kind business. The mission: grinding grains into flours and cereals, as well as blending whole grain mixes for sale in the greater Portland, Oregon area.

The story of Bob's Red Mill is one of continuous growth and perseverance through the years. In 1988, the old mill was completely destroyed by fire. When asked by firefighters what he most wanted to save, Bob replied "Save the stones!" The rescue mission was successful and Bob and Charlee were able to rebuild the business at a lake-side location in Milwaukie, Oregon. Now utilizing two modern facilities totaling 82,000 square feet on six acres with 70 employees working two shifts, Bob's Red Mill has become a multimillion-dollar business milling and marketing whole grain natural foods throughout the USA and Canada. In 1996, Bob and Charlee welcomed two new partners, Dennis Gilliam, vice president, sales and marketing and John Wagner, CPA, vice president, administration. In 2000, Robert Agnew was welcomed as a partner. In every department we have a professional team with a "can do" attitude. Despite all this wonderful growth, the product's uniqueness and quality remain the same. Wholesome goodness and authentic techniques make Bob's Red Mill grains, flours, mixes and cereals simply the best.

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