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Pacific Lutheran University
Address: Human Resource Services
Tacoma, Washington  98447-0003
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The PLU Experience
With 3,600 students, PLU offers more classes, more majors and more opportunities than most liberal arts colleges. PLU provides the type of support that can only come from a close-knit community. Professors are mentors who encourage students to consider new ways of thinking, to take risks and grow. Students are challenged to achieve at the peak of their ability, given support to meet that challenge and, as a result, find success both in college and their careers. Challenge. Support. Success. They are the PLU experience. It’s all made possible by the people in our community – faculty, students, staff and alumni.

A PLU Education
PLU’s liberal arts and professional programs combined give students more choices than other small colleges and more personal attention than large public schools. Studying the liberal arts at PLU – such as psychology, history, the natural sciences – prepares students for a lifetime of success in a rapidly changing and highly competitive world. They gain skills in decision making, analysis, communication and reasoning. Our fully accredited professional programs in business, education, nursing, physical education and social work prepare them for careers.

Your Wild and Precious Life
Our Lutheran heritage gives PLU a uniquely broad idea of what it means to be successful. Unlike many other universities, we believe that there is more to life than landing a good job and winning the race to the top of your career. A PLU education is a values-based education. Students are asked to wrestle with issues of value throughout their studies so they can develop the skills and sensibilities to be a successful human being, living a life in service to others.

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