Company Profile

Cascade Steel Rolling Mills
Address: 3200 N Hwy 99W
McMinnville, Oregon  97128
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Acquired by Schnitzer in 1984, Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of SSI. Located in McMinnville, Oregon, Cascade is thought to be the only vertically integrated mini-mill in the Western U.S., capable of obtaining its entire feedstock requirement from affiliated operations. Conversely, the mill ensures a steady market for part of the SSI metals recycling output.

Cascade’s electric arc furnace (EAF) is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional blast furnaces. Scrap is melted by the EAF, and then cast into billets. On-site rolling mills convert the billets into a variety of new, finished steel products, including concrete reinforcing bar (rebar), wire rod, fence posts, and specialty products such as vineyard stakes.

Cascade has a strong competitive advantage, due to the assured availability of raw material, advanced production processes, and a highly skilled work force.

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