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Edwards Center
Address: P.O. Box 6269
Aloha, Oregon  97007
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In 1972 educator and advocate, Jean Edwards, Ph.D. assisted parents in founding the non-profit Edwards Center, Inc. to address the residential, employment and social needs of men and women with developmental disabilities. Parents saw a tremendous need for community programs in which their children could participate.

Edwards Center Inc. was created as an alternative to the services provided at large, impersonal institutions far from home. We offer adults with developmental disabilities multiple options for employment and residential services.

In all our programs, we advocate for the best interests of each of the men and women we serve. Our administrative services are structured to successfully address this goal by providing the best appropriate financial, property management, personnel management and legal support possible. In keeping with our philosophy and mission, Edwards Center owns many of its facilities, increasing our ability to reach excellence in living conditions.

Residential Programs: We provide a variety of residential programs in Clackamas and Washington counties. Our residential services offer group and independent living arrangements for nearly 100 men and women in homes, apartments and duplexes. The residences are chosen to enhance independence, while providing support systems that match the needs of each person.

In addition to housing, the residential programs provide individual assessment and training for abilities and interests, personal and social adjustment and home and community living skills. Over 40 individuals are supported in their own homes and apartments. Edwards Center offers a scope of support to match the needs and choices of all the individuals we serve.

Employment Services: Our employment programs in Clackamas and Washington counties provide job training and other services to over 175 individuals, supported by approximately 45 staff members. Our experience in job training and placement ensures that we match the needs of employers as well as employees.

Services provided in the employment program include individual assessment and training for abilities and interests, employment in the community and alternatives to employment.

Mission: The mission of the Edwards Center is to enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities, helping them reach their highest potential through training, education, employment, housing, support, and social opportunities in environments that are safe, healthy and stimulating.

Values: Edwards Center believes that each person is an individual with potential. All individuals are entitled to be motivated, encouraged and supported in a compassionate manner as they learn and grow to their highest potential. Edwards Center vigorously strives to erase the lines of difference between the able and disabled. We are committed to: excellence, individuality, ability, respect, productivity, responsibility and integration.

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