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Northwest Erosion Control, Inc.
Address: 17725 ne 65th st ste b275
Redmond, Washington  98052
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NWECI was established in 1995 with a goal of helping an industry that, from an experience factor, was not accomplishing its intended purpose. Applications were improperly planned, installed, and maintained. Contractors were duplicating their efforts only to find repeated failures, project shut downs, and added costs.

NWECI has made a tremendous impact on several environmentally high-profile projects in commercial construction, as well the private development industry. Our well-trained and professional technicians can help your company avoid costly shutdowns. Our installation and products are recognized and appreciated with various agencies and inspectors throughout the state. Regulations are getting tougher, and agencies are becoming more demanding on contractors' time. We have saved each and every project we have worked on both time and money.

Quality work and quick response to each projects' individual need, without interruption of construction schedules, make our services superior. We will always be there to get your problem resolved when others cannot.

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