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Peregrin Financial Technologies
Address: 1225 NW Murray Blvd, Suite 212
Portland, Oregon  97229
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Peregrin Financial Technologies

History | Experience
Peregrin is an Oregon-based company that has
been designing, manufacturing and marketing
consumer-activated, financial-transaction products
for merchants and retailers for 22 years. In this
period, we have shipped over a thousand units.
Peregrin is financially solid and pays all residual
fees promptly. We fully support our customers
and honor all contracts.

Peregrin is now focused on consumer-activated
financial transaction products: Cash ATMs and
PIN-based POS terminals. But in the past, we
developed self-service movie theater ticketing
terminals for AMC Theaters and MovieFone;
theme park ticketing terminals for Disneyland
and Universal Studios; ski lift ticketing kiosks
at Killington in Vermont and at Bear Mountain
and Squaw Valley in California, and at the
U.S. National Parks of Yellowstone and
Carlsbad Caverns.

Peregrin is now supporting 300 ATMs installed
in the Northwest from the California boarder to
Canada. These ATMs are in convenience stores,
fast-food restaurants, bingo halls, sports bars,
bowling centers, liquor stores, Indian casinos
and in delicatessens with video poker or pull
tabs. In 2004, Peregrin was selected by the
Oregon Department of Transportation to install
ATMs at 52 of its DMV offices statewide.
Additionally, in the spring of 2007, Peregrin
was awarded the contract to install ATMs
in the State of Washington Department of
Licensing offices.

Also this year, Peregrin was recognized for the
fourth year in a row by The Portland Business
Journal as one of Oregon’s Top 100 Fastest-
Growing Private Companies. And just recently,
Inc. magazine, the “Entrepreneurs Handbook”,
listed Peregrin as one of the U.S.’s fastest
growing private companies. In the last two
decades Peregrin has become the premier ATM
vendor in the Northwest.

Service | Support
Peregrin has trained technicians on staff to
install and to service ATMs. We appreciate
that ongoing, competent support of our
customers is just as imperative as attractive the
initial benefits. With ATMs that put cash in the
hands of consumers to spend at the site while
generating transaction-fee revenue, a responsive
support team is of paramount importance — a
non-operating ATM frustrates consumers and
loses money for our customers. Therefore, in
addition to technical support available during
normal business hours, we have an “800” number
for customers to call to access 24/7 support
during the evening hours and weekends.

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