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Elwood's Tree Service Co.
Address: 3989 Timbet Dr SE
Salem, Oregon  97317
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Elwood’s Tree Service Company was founded by Mr. Elwood A. Newhouse in 1981. Elwood’s Tree Service Company is a firm promoting and practicing Modern arboriculture which is the care of trees and shrubs.

Elwood’s business philosophy and practices are a constant focus on professionalism, guaranteed customer satisfaction and maintaining high arboriculture standards. Elwood’s focuses on good ethics, integrity, good will and educating the public why proper modern arboriculture is so important to each of us in this ever changing environment and important for our continued existence. Elwood’s is constantly keeping up with technology and changes in our profession.

Elwood’s offers the following services:

Pruning and shaping of shade and ornamental trees and shrubs
Tree value damage assessment
Risk assessment
Pre construction consulting for tree protection zones
Post construction consulting
Hazardous tree removal
Shrub removals
Brush chipping
Cabling and bracing
Stump grinding
Fruit tree pruning
Ornamental tree and shrub planting
Recommendations for selecting the right tree for the right place
Tree roof problem consulting
Shrub and tree fertilization
Soil aeration
Emergency service
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